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Vintage TARA Fifth Avenue Frog Brooch

Vintage TARA Fifth Avenue Frog Brooch

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Please see pics for details as this is the exact item you will receive and a huge part of the description.

This piece has blue and clear rhinestones with a blue jelly belly with gold flakes throughout. A true find! In like new condition. 

Who is TARA?

Although TARA brand is not so famous in wide circles, but true connoisseurs of vintage jewelry are happy to replenish their collections.
Founded in the early 1960s in New York, Tara Fifth Avenue company moved to California in 1965. The exact closing date is unknown, however, we can assume the company ceased to exist in the 1970s. Thus, costume jewelry of this company produced for 10 years is vintage. Noteworthy, some companies, such as DeLizza & Elster made jewelry decorations for Tara, that’s why Tara jewelry can be similar to Juliana jewelry. Also, in the list of jewelry companies which produced decorations signed Tara were Monet, Judi Lee, and others. That is why the marking “Tara” on some decorations differs. Also, the prices are different, depending on subjective indicators of demand in the world market. The style of jewelry marked Tara is diverse – from Art Deco and Modern to Rococo and classics of that time. Traditionally, the company’s masters used jewelry alloy of gold and silver tones, rhinestones, colored glass and enamel.

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